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Atkins Intellectual Property


Atkins Intellectual Property practices a different kind of law. We focus on intellectual property, litigation, and intellectual property litigation. But we’re different for another reason. We’re small by design. Our smart size enables us to be nimble, responsive, personable, and efficient. We’re practical problem-solvers and thrive on client service. We even make house calls.

Mike Atkins formed Atkins IP after more than ten happy years at the 50-attorney law firm of Graham & Dunn (now Miller Nash Graham & Dunn), where he was a partner.

Atkins IP delivers sophisticated legal advice to clients who need help solving business problems. We pride ourselves in the value we provide.

Contact us if you need an experienced intellectual property lawyer to join your team — temporarily to tackle an immediate problem, or to provide strategic advice over the long haul. It doesn’t matter if you face a big challenge or a small one. We’ll give you the attention and respect you deserve.


  • Taco Tuesday Illustrates Need to Enforce Trademark Rights

    Taco John’s registered TACO TUESDAY as a trademark in 1989. At the time, that phrase presumably identified Taco John’s as the sole provider of restaurant services in connection with that brand. That’s what a trademark does — it earmarks a particular source as the provider of the branded good or service.

    Flash forward 30 years. Now everyone has a “Taco Tuesday” promotion — bars, restaurants, university dining halls, mom’s kitchen. The phrase no longer points to a particular seller; it just means an event: taco night, discounted tacos, taco party.

    So what happened? As more providers used the phrase, it stopped uniquely identifying Taco John’s. The mark fell into the public domain and became open for anyone to use. And use, they did. ...

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